Mickey and Minnie Ceramic Cookie Jar

Nom Nom Nom! ‘M.I.C.’ may stand for ‘Mickey’ but ‘C’ has always stood for ‘Cookie’! And where better to store your favorite round snack than this Mickey and Minnie ceramic cookie jar:

This is a basic design than one could call generic. It has Hidden Mickeys around the bottom as a band and the names of Mickey and Minnie clearly stenciled.

The images of the Mouse and his bestie are patterned after their earlier looks:

This is a very heavy cookie jar! I doubt there is a kid, or Cookie Monster, that could hope to heist it away, especially when it is fully loaded with sugary goodness.

On the up side it is also a very big cookie jar! So the capacity to fill it with dozens of your Grandma’s best oatmeal concoctions is a mouthwatering thing to contemplate.

My favorite type of cookie is indeed oatmeal. Adding chocolate chips is allowable, but not necessary. What is your favorite?

For another cookie jar with a Mickey and Minnie theme, check out the link, or if the weird and wonderful is more your thing, check out my José Carioca cookie jar. It’s old and just the right amount of creepy!

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