Disney’s Minnie Mouse Kitchen Tea Towels

The only thing better than Minnie Mouse is more Minnie Mouse, so it’s a wonderful thing that these Kitchen Towels come in a 2-pack!

It sure makes things easy for your friends and family around anniversary times when you’re a Disney fan. Anything with a Disney character on it makes a great gift, and if it’s functional to boot… well, that’s just swell (insert a Mickey giggle here)!

These bow-rific tea towels come in 2-packs for just $9.99 CAN and now we have four individual towels to rotate around laundry day. Some of our gift-givers were of like minds!

We use these towels and enjoy how they add a splash of colour to our kitchen. For our 32nd Wedding Anniversary (which is today!) we also got, among other things, another great Minnie Mouse tea towel:

What a cutie! She came with a bottle of champagne and some chocolates, so it’s going to be a calorie-filled celebration. Who’s complaining?

I usually end a post with some pithy remarks or a link to a related post from the past, but I thought this tea towel gave too good of a parting shot, and so nothing more was needed:

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