Donald Duck / José Carioca Reversible Cookie Jar

A local antique mall is going out of business early this year and to reduce stock is having a 50% off sale. I’ve bought many things from them over the years and they will be sorely missed! I stopped in the other day to check to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without, and wouldn’t you know it… there was. I found this wonderful Donald Duck / José Carioca reversible cookie jar.

I already own a slightly larger José Carioca cookie jar (non-reversible) by the same company from the same period. So to have found this piece to make them a pair was priceless!

My research dates these cookie jars somewhere between the late 40s and the early 50s. Most sources place it just after WW2 with the Leeds company providing the manufacturing. This dating coincides with the first appearances of the José Carioca character. So this line of merchandise was likely produced to promote the film.

As you can see in the images above, Donald faces one way as José faces the other. You can take the lid/heads off and reverse them over the wrong bodies, but who would do that?!?

Both seem happy enough to share a body and perhaps the cookies within. I picked this up for just $40.00 CAN but the asking prices on most selling sites start at around $100.00 US and can go as high as $400.00 US, or more. However, you can ask what you like, it only matters what it sells for when establishing true value!

I was amazed and fascinated with the differences between my original José Carioca solo jar and this new (to me) combination one. Let’s have a look:

Here is a list of the differences:

The hat is different, going from a coloured one to a white with black band

The beaks are different configurations and sizes

The overcoat is a different style

One is wearing gloves where the other one isn’t

One is wearing shoes where the other one isn’t

Other differences are the obvious size change and the positioning of the bowtie on the lid of one but on the jar of the other. And obviously one has Donald Duck on his back! Similarities include the fringe on the pantlegs, the umbrella, and the red bowtie.

To see more of the José Carioca solo cookie jar, just click the link! You’ll find many more interesting facts about the character and this line of merchandise. Another post, this one featuring the EPCOT Attraction that José currently stars in, can be found by clicking that link. Lastly, why not click one more time and join José, Donald, and the third Caballero on a wild Road Trip. Strap in, for although it may not be the wildest ride in the wilderness, it’s still pretty fun!

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