Found Disney: The REAL Herbie the Love Bug

Ever have a celebrity sighting? Well, I just had one today! I saw the REAL Herbie the Love Bug in my local food supermarket.

I live for these moments when I find Disney in the wild:

Not only is this owner of a new-style Volkswagen Beetle a Disney fan, they also have an excellent sense of humor. Check out the license plate:

Classic !

The new Volkswagen Beetle was produced between October of 1997 and July of 2011. It had one redesign during that time which saw the narrowing of the bulging fenders. I think this slimmer look may have spelled the end of the plucky car! It just wasn’t as cute.

Did you know that Herbie was once thrown into the ocean? And while there, did you know that he met Hank the (not quite) Octopus from Finding Dory? It’s true! And I prove it in my post entitled FINDING DORY Easter Egg – Dory and Hank Swim with Herbie. Yup. Dory met him in the Great Big Blue too!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my wife and I with the Hollywood Herbie from our 2007 trip to Walt Disney World, for comparison:

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