Disney’s Belle Schmid Musical Figurine

It’s a tale as old as time: A collector sees a pretty something in a shop and buys it. End of story. Well, really just the beginning of this Belle Schmid musical figurine’s life as part of my collection! I don’t remember where or when I purchased this more than provincial Princess, but I’m glad I did.

I enjoy searching through my collection to find things to post because often I find things I had long forgotten about. This wonderful musical figurine is just such an example:

The sculpt is very good for this character but I feel the face is just a bit off. What do you think? Is it her features or the expression?

Belle is looking like a true beauty dressed in her signature colour of yellow. As is true with all Schmid musical figurines, Belle turns as a song plays. And of course, the tune chosen in this case is Beauty and the Beast. Have a listen:

This is an older offering from Schmid as indicated by the metal pivot base. Most newer versions have a larger plastic pivot base.

I have found many Belle musical figurines by Schmid on the Net but none are this exact one. The sculpts of the ones available are almost identical except for the amount of blush on her cheeks (mine version has more). The information and stickers on the base are also the same except for the black stamping noting the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie title. My stamp actually has less information. Also, the other versions are numbered 53800 (mine has no number) and made in Malaysia instead of China, like mine. I’m not sure which version is earlier.

I do seem to have a knack for finding the odd-ball variants!

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