The Great Ice Odyssey Souvenir Program – Part Two

Part One of this series introduced us to the story of the Great Ice Odyssey as laid out in this wonderful souvenir program from 1982.

You’ll recall that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are having a Fancy Dress Ball to celebrate their 55th Anniversary of Friendship. But the Evil Queen is determined to turn the happiness to misery by ruining the party! She has sent her fiendish Ravens with ruby amulets to afflict harm on an unfortunate victim.

Who will it be? And what will happen when the victim comes under the control of the Evil Queen? Let’s get back to the souvenir program to find out:

In a surprising twist, it’s the Big Bad Wolf that falls victim to the Evil Queen’s plan. While trying to huff and puff his way into the Three Little Pigs houses, the Ravens show up and use the ruby amulets on him with the result of whisking him away to the Evil Queen’s castle!

Jamie-Lynn Kitching plays Cinderella. She is a silver medalist in the 1981 World Professional Skating Championships. Just 20 years old at the time of this show, Kitching was a standout attraction!

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen learns that two more happy couples have joined Mickey and Minnie at the party. Donald and Daisy Duck and of course, the Prince and Cinderella! Well, that’s just too much happiness for the queen and she plans to up her game to ruin all of the joy.

The Evil Queen puts all of the party goers to sleep and kidnaps Minnie, Daisy, Cinderella, and by mistake, Goofy! When everyone wakes up, they see that the ladies of the Ball are gone. Deep sorrow falls over the crowd! But the Fairy Godmother appears with a plan to rescue the ladies, and so Mickey, Donald, and the Prince head off to find the Evil Queen’s Castle of Sorrow.

Ladret and LaBorde are a comedy ice trio known for their energy and chemistry. They play various characters in the show such as an ugly stepsister, the Fairy Godmother, among others. This team is made up of a silver medalist and a hockey player! Why not?

The Poncés are a family of former circus performers now taking to the ice to up the ante of their already spectacular routines. Ever wanted to see juggling on ice? Then this is the show for you!

Hans Leiter does double duty as one of the ugly stepsisters and an original character known as the Silly Knight of the Forest. Leiter has been doing comedic prat falls on ice for over 30 years and is definitely one of the veterans of the production.

But our story marches on as deep in the Evil Queen’s dungeon our four captives, Minnie, Daisy, Cinderella, and Goofy are trying to escape. They succeed only to be recaptured by the Queen when she encases them in a block of ice! Has the Queen finally won? Is happiness to be hers alone?

Fear not, as Mickey, Donald, and the Prince have arrived at the edge of the Forrest of Misery. A battle is waged between the heroes and the Queen’s troops, led by the Big Bad Wolf. But thanks to Donald, the unlikely hero, virtue and truer hearts prevail! Before continuing on their way, Donald takes a moment to enjoy the appreciation of the Maidens of the Forest. Wouldn’t you?

But this dallying allowed the Queen to come up with another fiendish plan. She sent out her most evil of all creations, the dreaded Dragon of the Double Doom! Will our heroes be able to vanquish such a powerful foe? Who can help them to overcome?

Be sure to return for Part Three of Walt Disney’s Great Ice Odyssey to find out!

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