The Great Ice Odyssey Souvenir Program – Part Three

It’s time to conclude our look at Walt Disney’s Great Ice Odyssey and the souvenir program being featured in this series of posts.

We left our protagonists at the end of Part Two in a bit of a pickle! But before we see how they get themselves out of it, we need to meet more of the cast members from the show:

Doughdee Marie plays a Forest Maiden in the production. Both a Gold Medal roller skater and an accomplished gymnast, she brings some of the hazardous routines to the show!

Sheldon Cleaves plays the Captain of the Guard. But is he good or bad? What is good, actually more than great, is this 20-year-olds high-flying jumps. These have earned him the nickname of ‘Sky’ among his fellow performers.

We’ve kept you in suspense long enough! We rejoin Mickey, Donald, and the Prince in heated battle with the forces of the Evil Queen. The Prince slays the Dragon of the Double Doom and after some setbacks, our heroes win the day when Mickey uses two Happy Lites to blast the Evil Queen out of existence. But will they be able to free Minnie, Daisy, Cinderella, and Goofy from the block of ice?

The Fairy Godmother gives the answer: Only the power of love will melt the ice! A warm glow grows from within the ice as the Prince sings of his love for Cinderella and the quartet are freed. The night is almost over and Disneyland is about to open for the next business day, so our heroes must return to the Ball. Can you guess what happens next?

They all lived happily ever after!

The Feld Approach involves giving the people more than their money’s worth. After decades in the entertainment business, this father and son team have taken ice shows, magic displays, and circuses to new heights. The pages above detail the creation of the Great Ice Odyssey and other Disney shows as well as work they have done for other famous properties. There are some surprising tie-ins to vintage Disney characters and films. It’s worth the time to enlarge and read it for yourselves!

It takes many people to put together a show like this and so I’ve included the credit pages (above). From choreography to music, from costumes to set design, every little detail makes a difference!

Yup, the Feld boys were involved in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus as well. This souvenir program gave a page to advertise one of the Greatest Shows on Earth.

The program features a wrap around cover with depictions of scenes from the show and most of the key characters. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork!

Did you ever see this show when it ran in the early 80s? Are you a fan of Disney on Ice when it comes to your neck of the woods today? If so or if not, I hope you’ve enjoyed a look back at one of the most elaborate Disney shows ever to be performed… on ice! And the souvenir program that helped us to remember it.

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