Romero Britto Mickey Mouse Figurine

“Brazilian-born and Miami-made, Romero Britto has made it to the top and is considered one of the most famous and celebrated living visual artists on the globe.” So states the official website. But in my opinion, you will either love or hate his style! As with so many individuals who repeat a system on multiple pieces (Jim Shore would be another example), it can get over done. But I’ve found that despite that, I can always find standout efforts that make such a line of merchandise worthwhile, like this Britto Mickey Mouse figurine.

Released in 2011, it was just too cute to leave on a store shelf:

So many colours and textures! But what sold me was the two hearts for the eyes.

I also liked the little red heart shape in the center of his back. But would you wear pants like that?!? Maybe if I lost a bet.

Of all the artists that have created a signature line of merchandise for Disney, this is the one that I perhaps have the least of in my collection.

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