FORD TIMES Monthly Souvenir Promotional Booklet

Now we go back in time to July of 1953. The place is Detroit, MI. The mode of conveyance is not a fine FORD automobile, but a souvenir promotional booklet that was published monthly and given away to the best customers of your local FORD dealer. Was that you? If so, you may remember the FORD TIMES and the wonderful articles it contained!

Chuck full of beautiful paintings and illustrations, and a few photographs, this was a feast for the eyes and stimulation for the mind!

Measuring approximately 5″ x 7″ and containing 66 pages it packed a lot into a little package. Let’s have a look at the theme for this issue and its contents:

This issue was printed to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the FORD Motor Company. It was published in Dearborn, MI.

I was attracted to this book/booklet/magazine because it had a picture of Greenfield Village on the cover. This is a town that Henry Ford built as a historical Theme Park of sorts. The three pages below contain an article expressing Mr. Ford’s love for this place:

I thought I’d include a short article about an actual car. It seems appropriate given the Publisher:

The Gardner Special – Article

The next article (below) gives a brief explanation of the Institute of the Arts and its Young People’s Workshops:

Mural of the Rouge – Article

Although this publication is interesting and informative, it does read like an advertisement for the FORD Motor Company, which is not surprising.

The FORD TIMES also included some fun things for the family to do. For example, you could try your hand at cooking up some recipes made famous at various Taverns around the US:

Not into the culinary arts? How about a challenging guessing game instead? Try to answer the question ‘What is it?’ after looking at the images below:

Did you cheat?

This particular copy of the FORD TIMES was sent out to a Mr. Edward J. Adamczyk of Detroit from his local FORD Dealer, Lewis F. Brown, in July of 1953. But at sometime in 1956, Mr. Adamczyk changed his dealer to an Al Long. Then, sometime between 1960 and 1961, he changed dealerships again to Downtown Sales, but still in Detroit. The saga continues as between February and March of 1963, he changed back to Al Long. But it wasn’t to last, as in May of that same year, it was back to Downtown Sales. Man, how many cars did this guy buy?!? Time would pass but another change was inevitable as Mr. Adamczyk changed back Al Long somewhere between June and November of 1971.The last FORD TIMES I have is from August of 1972 and our fickle car buyer was still with Al Long.

I think there may be the workings of a good Soap Opera here! “Tune in next week: Will Edward stay with his current dealership? Or will he change yet again? Will he ever shop out of State? Don’t miss a single moment of this spell-binding saga!”

Back Cover

I’m not sure if this dealership is still in business but I did find this vintage license plate cover on eBay. For just a little over $200.00, it can be yours:

It looks like it was built FORD tough!

I bought this booklet along with over 50 others that range in years from 1947 to 1972. Many issues are missing, being released with a full 12 per year over that time, I’m sure it was inevitable that he’d lose some of them. But I’m missing entire years! Oh well, I have a lot of reading to do anyway:

For the box: $30.00 CAN

They were given away for free when printed, the seller wanted $3.00 CAN a piece originally, as the store was closing, he dropped his price to $1.50 CAN, I asked for his best price. It became $1.00 CAN each. In the end, I paid 50 cents each.

I’ll conclude with the tagline for this publication: “The FORD TIMES comes to you through the courtesy of your local dealer to add to your motoring pleasure and information.” I can attest that this little gem would have done just that!

EDITORIAL UPDATE: July 5, 2022 – I just recently visited The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. We also entered Greenfield Village to ride an actual Model T Ford. It was fun! But while waiting in line, I saw this:

Yes, that’s an image of the Ford Times from 1915. It was part of a sign board that contained vintage testimonials from the first Model T drivers. Too cool! My earliest copy is from 1947, so seeing that this publication went back that far was exciting! I have so many other copies to find. Just kidding. I have no intention of taking on that challenge!

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