The Legacy Collection Pinocchio CD Set

This sixth volume of The Legacy Collection was released on February 10, 2015, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Pinocchio. The album includes the film’s complete soundtrack, three Lost Chords recordings, and five bonus tracks from The Mickey Mouse Club.

As I’ve said, if you liked the last set (featuring Cinderella), you’ll love this one featuring everyone’s favorite wooden boy, Pinocchio!

The artwork for this set looks extra magical due to the subject matter! Pinocchio just lends himself to the ethereal style of the concept artwork.

As always, the booklet starts with Production Notes:

The history and gestation of the movie is given with interesting side notes about the character development, musical journey, and how the little cricket named Jiminy grew beyond the feature to co-star on The Mickey Mouse Club.

We are treated to three Lost Chords on this set. The first one I am sharing below is an unused introduction song for Pinocchio by his fellow marionettes in Stromboli’s show:

No Strings – Ensemble Singers

The next clip is shorter. It’s an excerpt from a song that would have played on the 1950s Mickey Mouse Club program as part of the ‘I’m No Fool’ series of educational songs. I include it because you can hear Annette in the background:

I’m No Fool – Cliff Richards & The Mouseketeers

The last pages of the booklet contains many wonderful Concept Art images:

This is a 2-disc set (some have 3 discs). But as is common with this Legacy Collection series, there is so much more content than with any other soundtrack release of the movie.

The back cover gives us one more amazing and beautiful image from the concept art for Pinocchio. I thought I’d better mention that the image of the Blue Fairy was beautiful so that she wouldn’t turn me into a wooden man!

I highly recommend these CD sets! They are readily available on most selling sites for a reasonable price.

Be sure to check back soon for my next post featuring The Legacy Collection Sleeping Beauty CD Set. You’ll be glad you did!

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