Monsters Inc. George Sanderson Talking Figure

Monsters Inc. was released by Pixar in 2001 to rave reviews. The carefully crafted world of our monsters, both under the bed and in the closet, resonated with young and old alike! And perhaps one of the most unsung heroes of the production was George Sanderson who’s talking figure we are featuring in this post.

Our boy George is an orange monster that is prone to run afoul of the CDA’s “Code 2319” (contact with a human child) several times, forcing the CDA to shave and scrub him down to remove any traces of human contact. Embarrassing? You bet!

But at least he got his own Action Figure:

“George Sanderson here.”

After the Child Detection Agency (CDA) finishes shaving and scrubbing the hapless monster, he is put into his very own Cone of Shame:

Clearly, he did not take it very well.

This collectible figure is made of solid plastic and has movable arms. His head can be pushed forward and down to activate three phrases. They are:

“Ooh-oh, not another 2319!”

At first I thought the toy could have had a few more sayings, but then I realized that George was a minor character in the film with just these few lines of note. He is not interactive with any other Monsters Inc. toys so three phrases seems enough to complete the presentation.

Battery Compartment & Type

You will need three 1.5 volt A76/LR44 button batteries. The designation with Energizer is 357/303 in case you need to pick up some. They are sold individually for about five dollars a piece. Fortunately, many other similar toys put out by Disney/Pixar use the same batteries, so you can swap them around.

George Sanderson is voiced by Samuel Lord Black in the films.

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