Decorative Disney Steins featuring the Theme Parks

I have just completed a set of two decorative Disney steins that feature both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Theme Parks. They are made by Ceramarte in Brazil. They have that wonderful chunky charm of vintage ceramics and likely date from the 1990s.

Side by Side Comparison

I’ve owned the Disneyland version for years and wasn’t really aware that a Walt Disney World version existed, although I should have been, as it is quite common for the North American Parks to release companion merchandise like this.

I had a vague idea that I had seen one of these before or already owned it when I enquired after the WDW version on a local selling site, but as the price was only $10.00, I figured I had nothing to lose by ‘rescuing’ another one from obscurity. Imagine my delight when I discovered that I did indeed already own one, but that it was the companion! My set of two was complete.

As you compare the Disneyland version with the Walt Disney World version (both above), you’ll see many similarities. Such as the setting of Main Street USA for both mugs. Both feature the Main Street Vehicles and a cast of the main Disney characters, such as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. Each has the iconic Castle for the Park in question with the appropriate (?) Princess with her Prince walking just in front of it.

But there are differences as well. Let’s have a look at those. We will start from one side on each mug and compare the images we encounter side by side. DL will be on the left, and WDW on the right:

Horace Horsecollar is driving the electric Main Street Car for DL but a rather posh couple are driving a slightly different car in the WDW version.

In DL, Minnie Mouse is driving the trolley with Mickey and one of his nephews in the back, whereas in WDW, Mickey Mouse drives the trolley with Minnie in the back with one of his nephews. Huey, Dewey, and Louie appear in the background in WDW.

But in DL, Donald Duck’s nephews appear in a scene all their own right where Goofy is about to crash a Penny-farthing bicycle in the same place on the WDW mug.

Two extra scenes are included on the DL mug. Daisy Duck is seen waving to someone and that someone turns out to be Donald Duck who is driving the same electric Main Street Car that Horace Horsecollar is driving just across the way. Now that’s a good trick!

The comparisons end with the Castles. On the DL mug, Louie, Goofy, and Donald are seen walking in front of Snow White and Prince Charming. Of course, it should be Aurora, as it is Sleeping Beauty Castle that we find at Disneyland. But at Walt Disney World, we find Cinderella Castle with the appropriate Princess walking in front, with her Prince, of course!

I love finding these companion pieces with their similarities and differences!

Ceramarte no longer appears to be in business but leaves behind a strong legacy of well made collectibles that will adorn the shelves of collectors for years to come!

For another fine stein from Ceramarte, check out the post Mickey Mouse Disney Character Tankard. It’s a weird one!

FUN FACTS: Why are Donald’s nephews wearing different colours? More than just to tell them apart, there is a reason behind the colour choices. Note that the brightest hue of the three is red (Huey), the color of water, dew, is blue (Dewey), and that leaves Louie, and leaves are green (Louie).

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