Photo Spot Week: Dinosaurs Alive! at Canada’s Wonderland

Welcome to a full week of photographs! Photo Spot Week will feature one photograph a day from February 21st through to February 27th. The first in this series is an image from the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit that was presented at Canada’s Wonderland back in 2015.

“Is it real, or is it Memorex?” Perhaps you remember that slogan from the successful ad campaign for cassette tapes from the early 1980s. The brand of audio recording tapes (sorry, no VHS tapes yet) offered such an authentic capture, representation, and playback¬†experience that the listener would not be able to tell if they were listening to the actual conversation or performance or if it was simply being played back for them on audio tape. Only a Memorex tape, of course!

Looking at the picture below, would you say it’s a real dinosaur?

Obviously it isn’t real! Dinosaurs have been extinct for a few seasons now. I like how the silhouette still has some light areas, just enough to make you wonder, but enough shadow to make it impossible to tell. Unless you’re an adult and know history and basic paleontology. But hey, maybe you could use this image to fool your kids!

Dinosaurs Alive! was an amazing semi-animatronic presentation of very detailed dinosaur figures.

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