Photo Spot Week: Candid Flik Meet-and-Greet Shot

Welcome to a full week of photographs! Photo Spot Week will feature one photograph a day from February 21st through to February 27th. The second in this series is a candid image of Flik from Pixar’s second animated film, A Bug’s Life, released in 1998. I snapped it during an unguarded moment back in 2013.

Disney’s California Adventure is a Disney Theme Park in California (duh) that has a turbulent history. But love it or hate it, it does have some awesome Meet-and-Greets!

I’ve never liked the pictures I’ve taken with the characters at these Meet-and-Greets. I always end up just standing there like a statue with no real character of my own! So my mission while waiting in line is to catch the character in a candid moment without a guest in the shot. At least that way I can come away with something worth while!

I like how this turned out. Flik is looking off-camera and is responding to something that has been done or to something that has been said to him. The image leaves you wondering just what that could have been. And that, I believe, is what adds interest to an otherwise straight forward shot.

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