Photo Spot Week: Still Life at Greenfield Village, MI

Welcome to a full week of photographs! Photo Spot Week will feature one photograph a day from February 21st through to February 27th. The third in this series is an image that basically is a still life rendered on film (albeit digital). I found this composition at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

If memory serves, this was found in the basement of the original farm house owned by Mr. Firestone (yes, the tire guy). Henry Ford had purchased the structure and moved it to his living museum at the Village.

I like this shot because it is a study in texture and contrast. The colours don’t vary much but the block wall, the fire wood, the barrel lid, and the gravel floor, yield a concert of different things that all seem to harmonize.

The block wall has horizontal lines, the firewood is essentially vertical, the barrel lid has slanted lines, and the gravel floor is neutral. How these are layered from back to front in the image is interesting to me!

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