Photo Spot Week: Lizard at Weeki Wachee Springs

Welcome to a full week of photographs! Photo Spot Week will feature one photograph a day from February 21st through to February 27th. The fourth in this series is an image of a little lizard that I found scurrying around at Weeki Wachee Springs National Park in Florida.

This isn’t likely my most technically proficient shot! But you know what you do when life gives you lemons, right? You make up a story to explain how you meant to do that all along!

I’m not a professional photographer, as you’ve probably guessed by now, but I do have an eye for composition. And I’m not afraid to keep shots that may have problems but still contain some interest. What I like about this shot is how the ground under the lizard was washed out completely thus showcasing the little guy as the undeniable subject.

The splash of colour from the brush and the jagged edge of the shadow set on a rakish angle just serves to add to the unusual nature of the shot!

Lemonade, anyone?

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