Found Disney: Disney Baby Onesie at Walmart

I don’t often worry about baby stuff. I don’t have one so… but my wife loves them so… she said I should feature stuff like this once in a while so… I found a Disney Baby Onesie at Walmart!


I will concede that it is cute! There are a lot of Disney-themed clothes at most large retail outlets and some of it is pretty original and clever. With the Disney Store gone and the Theme Parks (presently) a COVID-19 nightmare road trip away, this might just be as close to Disney style as any of us will get for awhile.

For only $12.95 CAN who could resist wrapping up their little bundle of joy in this little onesie, whether they like it or not. Okay, be truthful parents, would you actually ask your child if she wanted to wear this, or would you put her in it, giggle at how cute she looked, and post a pic on Social Media?

It’s a guilty pleasure and blackmail fuel for later!

Built in Minnie Mouse slippers? Yes, please!

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