Found Disney: Vintage Bambi Ceramic Mug

At first I thought this vintage Bambi ceramic mug was an ugly planter. But then I realized, no, it’s just a very ugly and impractical drinking stein-thingy.

It just goes to show that you never what you’ll find at an antique mall:

Bambi is more or less on-model, perhaps a little too dark in coloration, but I don’t remember Thumper being… pink?

It just doesn’t get any better from any side that you look at it from!

Now the final curiosity of this piece is found by looking inside. Would you drink a beverage from this mug?

Seriously, how would you clean this thing between drinks? There are so many ledges and hard to reach nooks that it would be impossible to know if you had properly sterilized it for the next sipping of nectar! Ooh ick.

Ugly or not, impractical or not, it is vintage Disney, so it finds a home in the world of Disleelandia.

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