Cars 3 – Clutch Aid Racing Tractor Diecast

I remember a time when I thought Pixar could do no wrong. Then I saw the first trailer for CARS and I thought the success streak was over. When I saw the second trailer, which was completely different than the first one in content and theme, I was confused and not hopeful for a good film. But when I saw the actual movie? I LOVED IT! Cars 2… not so much. Cars 3… I thought: Please make these stop. Thankfully, at least some of the merchandise from the second and third installments gave us some interesting and fun characters like this Clutch Aid Racing Tractor:

One of the funniest supporting character(s) in the CARS series was the tractor(s). Whether they were cows or racers, they just look hilarious! I give a ‘tip’ of the hat to whoever thought of adding these auxiliary characters to the scripts.

But no look at a tractor from the CARS franchise would be complete without the obligatory tipping picture:

Ever wondered if Tractor Racing was for you? Maybe you should watch a little of the new show entitled ‘The Fast and the Farmer-ish‘. Yup. That’s what it’s called. And here is what you can expect:

NEWLY relaunched TV channel BBC3 is set to mark its return to television with an all-new tractor racing and challenge series.

Presented by the farmer and farming vlogger Tom Pemberton, The Fast and the Farmer-ish (a play on the film titles in the Fast and Furious blockbuster movie series) will see teams from across the UK undertaking a series of tough tests to become the nation’s best tractor driving team.

Giving an insight into the types of challenges the competitors will face, the producers said:

From tractor racing through a muddy bog to negotiating an obstacle course while singing their favorite karaoke tracks and demolishing sheds in a radical ten-pin tractor bowling game, this is not your average day on the farm!””

Yee Haaa! Yes, it does look fun. Dangerous, but fun.

To see more funny and equally strange variations on the CARS tractor theme, in glorious die cast, check out our previous post entitled Disney’s PLANES Tractor Buck & Friend.

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