Funko Minis Pixar Shorts Tinny & Luxo Jr. Figures

There have been many unlikely friends in the world of Pixar films: Buzz and Woody. Mike and Sulley. McQueen and Mater. Luxo Jr. and Tinny. Who? To recognize these last two figures from the Funko Minis Pixar Shorts set, you would have to be a fan of the company from 1986 and 1988.

Luxo Jr. was the first character to ‘star’ in a standalone Short from Pixar before he would go on to become the company logo/mascot. Tinny would come two years later when Pixar was becoming more confident. In his debut Short, the animators would try a human figure for the first time… and basically fail as they created perhaps the ugliest baby every seen!

Funko has better success in creating two very cute figures:

Two happier characters you would be hard pressed to find! The playful Luxo Jr. lamp (patterned after the iconic LUXO LS balanced arm desk lamp) and Tinny, the musical tin toy, would have a great time together if they found themselves in the same room.

The boxes for this set of vinyl figures are nicely designed. Although I am taking the figures themselves out of the boxes for display, I will be keeping the boxes as part of my collection.

Let’s take a closer look at Tinny first. There are two versions available. The one pictured below is simply called ‘Tinny’ on the box:

However, there is a variant called ‘Tinny (Metallic)’, which I also have. Can you spot a difference between the two figures other than the colouring?

If you remember the Short in question, Tinny was initially excited to play with a child… until he sees the monster baby, dripping with drool, heading right towards him! The expression on the metallic variant is a good representation of how Tinny felt at that moment.

Now let’s have a look at the Luxo Jr. figure:

I love this little guy! I’ve wanted a Luxo Jr. of my own for years and was delighted when I found a non-Disney version… sort of. You can see it here. But finally finding an official Disney version was just too much to resist!

Looking at the bottom of the Luxo Jr. figure, you get a better look at the squashed ball that has also become a symbol for the Pixar company.

All in all this is a wonderful line of merchandise! Other characters in the Pixar Short lineup are available (but of no interest to me) for those who are completists. At just under $10.00 CAN each, they are a deal that no collector of plastic thingy’s can resist.

I have two more posts about this set of Funko figures. One features the Day & Night characters from the Short of the same name, and the other features the Blue Bird from the Short simply entitled Birds. I hope you’ll check them out! Enjoy.

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