Foodie Friday: Hidden Mickey Disney Bag Charm

Oh no, no, don’t eat it though, it’ll make you ill! Cause there ain’t nothin’ real in this Hidden Mickey Disney bag charm! So seriously… don’t eat it.

At just 4″ in diameter, without the ears, this charming little bag is just the cutest thing! Let’s have a look at some of the details:

There is another Hidden Mickey used as the zipper pull. It has faux sesame seeds on the top bun. And a nice big piece of leafy lettuce sticking out all around. Oh, and some ketchup.

Of course, what would a Hidden Mickey bag charm be without a Hidden Mickey sesame seed? The back of the bag, or the bottom bun, has no seeds.

This bag charm would hang from a woman’s purse of course, and I thought it would be the perfect place to put her keys. You could also use it to keep moisturizer, lip gloss, or if you’re reading this when COVID-19 is still a thing, your face mask would fit in just perfect!

This has no specific brand name so it isn’t a partnership product with a famous design studio. It simply carries the Disney Parks logo. So likely this was originally bought at a North American Disney Park for $16.99 US. I picked it up from a local selling site for just $10.00 CAN.

I guess the ‘meat’ is the brown section that the zipper runs through.

You can see my wife’s Grape Soda bag charm featuring the iconic and heartwarming keepsake from the Pixar movie UP by clicking the link.

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