Incredibles 2 Jumbo Playing Cards

The Incredibles sequel wasn’t all that I had hoped it would be. I spent years hoping for one as it is probably the most obvious franchise to have one, two, or even more sequels. But all it did was undo all of the progress that was made with the characters in the first movie, so… nah. No more please.

But we do have some interesting merchandise from the Incredibles 2 though, like these Jumbo Playing Cards:

GO BIG or it just isn’t INCREDIBLE!

But like the movie they are based on, there are some issues. Let’s get into them:

Cards 2 – 10 are simply numbered. They could have used some supporting characters, villains, and tech images, but they decided to cheap out. And why would Mr. Incredible be the ACE card, and not the KING?

In my opinion, Violet would have been the logical choice for the ACE because it is set as the lowest card in this deck, and not because she is insignificant or has no value to the team. But she did spend most of the first movie doubting herself. Of course, if we consider the ACE to be the highest card in the deck, then this could also fit Violet. Consider this: The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four could turn invisible and emit force fields, eventually emerging as the most powerful member of her team. As Violet gets more confident in her powers, she too could emerge as the most powerful Incredible! But placing her on the ACE card is also by process of elimination, as we shall see as we go on. Mrs. Incredible / Elastigirl is an obvious choice for the QUEEN, so they got that right. But Mr. Incredible should have been the KING, as I’ve already said. For Dash, I think he would be perfect for the JOKER card.

And who would be the JACK in Violet’s place? Why, Jack-Jack of course! Duh. But they waste him by placing him in the background of the KING card with Dash.

Using Edna Mode as the JOKER just doesn’t seem right. If they were going to use a supporting character, Frozone would have been ahead of her, no?

One last quibble: Why are the card backgrounds in colour, the costumes in colour, but the faces of the characters in black and white? It’s an odd design choice. But kudos for the graphic layouts.

This Jumbo Playing Card set would have been a licensed item. Disney would have had little to no involvement with the execution of the finished product. And it shows.

But hey, if you’re up for some Crazy Eights and have bad eyesight, these just may be the cards for you!

Okay, just one more nit picky thing: In the bottom corner of the back of the box, it has the five heads of the team. The first four are just heads, but Violet has an extended neck. It looks weird. Maybe they were going for the Roman double-‘I’ to denote the Incredibles 2? Maybe. But it still looks weird.

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