Mickey Mouse Funhouse Vinyl Figures

At first, I thought these Mickey Mouse Funhouse vinyl figures were knock-off items. But after a little research, they are related to an actual Disney property.

Mickey Mouse Funhouse is an animated preschool series which premiered on Disney Junior in the United States on August 20, 2021. The series follows Mickey Mouse and his friends as they travel to various worlds using the magic of a sentient, talking house named Funny. Okay. Moving on.

My confusion was based on the fact that Mickey and Minnie Mouse seem to be doing the Hot Dog Dance from another Disney show, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that ran from 2006 – 2016. It’s possible that much of the animation and gags from the first series was continued in the follow-up series, but for a younger audience.

The history of the Hot Dog Dance goes all the way back to 1934. If you want to learn more about it, please check out an earlier post that features a Story Book Album from that time period.

I did find something peculiar on the back of the packaging. There is a proviso in the fine print that says: “In the interest of better quality and value, we are constantly improving and updating our products. Consequently, pictures on this package may sometimes vary from the product enclosed.” In this case, they do not. But what a weird thing to put on a product!

To further the case for this being a licensed product we can also see the official Disney website printed on the packaging. So I think, rather than being a knock-off, this is just a very cheaply done piece of merchandise made in China for the dollar store markets. Which, in fact, is where I bought it!

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