Zootopia Nick Wilde Plush by Tomy

Zootopia is a 2016 animated feature film that co-starred a con-artist fox. Nick Wilde eventually forms a friendship with Judy, a bunny police officer, who helps him realize he can be more than his stereotype. By the end of the movie, Nick makes good on this lesson by becoming a police officer himself. But somehow along the way he became this tiny little plush by Tomy as well.

TOMY International (www.tomy.com) is a leading global designer, producer and marketer of innovative, high-quality toys sold under the TOMY and ERTL brands. The company also markets its products under popular and classic licensed properties such as John Deere, Disney, and other well-known properties.

Who’s a sly fox, then?

Well, if we revisit our opening paragraph, the stereotype would point to Nick as being a sly, untrustworthy, shifty, prone to criminal activity, fox. But look at that face! Is that really the face of a con-artist? Actually… yes, yes it is.

But as Mr. Wilde learns in just under the 2 hour running time of the movie, he can change. And he does. However, some things just never change, so now he will most likely con you into giving yourself up to the authorities. Whether you did anything or not. He’s just that good!

I’ve rarely seen a plush with this many tags! We have a title tag, a care tag, a brand tag, and three copies of the materials tags. I’ve read books with less text!

The cutest feature of this plush is definitely the feet, or the paws. Each has the little pads that a real fox would have. Call him plush or a stuffie, either way, you have to admit he’s charming!

Can’t get enough Zootopia plush? Then check out my earlier posts featuring Flash and Mr. Big.

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