GAF View-Master Disney Character Favorites Gift Pak

GAF produced what we know as the View-Master as a slide viewer which enabled a child to view seven 3D images mounted in a paper disk. A View-Master disk holds 14 film slides in pairs, hence the term ‘stereo products’.

This post features a wonderful example of the packaging used to market said products. It is the GAF View-Master Disney Character Favorites Gift Pak from the 1970s. Spelling aside, Let’s have a look:

Vintage fun with an image of a boy obviously quite taken with his new viewer as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse look on. They seem happy also! 1970s graphics are just plain cool.

Other characters appear on the canister, such as Bambi, Snow White, and everyone’s favorite Dwarf, Dopey.

This canister set is complete, so let’s have a look inside and see how it was packed, and what it looks like unpacked with all of the contents displayed:

So each canister came with one standard viewer, a white case with seven reels, and a mail order form from which you could order all kinds of other wonderful subjects to view!

If you want to keep the whole experience Disney themed, Playskool got in on the fun by manufacturing a Mickey-shaped viewer. It could be an early example of a Hidden Mickey:

What kid wouldn’t want one of these? And by kid, I mean me! Actually, I have two of a slightly different design, but there’s always room for one more. But again, this Gift Pak came with the standard issue viewer:

It’s relatively rare to find a set that has the original white plastic container that the seven reels came in, but this one has it:

The reels feature Disneyland, Bambi, Love Bug, Snow White, Donald Duck, Mary Poppins, and of course, Mickey Mouse! The Disneyland reel is awesome as it features some extinct attractions.

This set also has an amazing glimpse into the past with a copy of the GAF View-Master Mail Order Form. Have a look:

In the ‘B‘ section you will see a GAF Talking View-Master advertised. I have one of these! I’ll be doing a post on it later. In the ‘C‘ section you will see a GAF Entertainer Projector advertised as well. Yup, I have one of these too! The post featuring that, and the set of Disneyland slides, is already live!

In the ‘A‘ section, it advertises the Disney on Parade reels, Sleeping Beauty, and the Disneyland Tomorrowland and Walt Disney World Adventureland reels. Yup, you guessed it. I have them too!

I collect Disney-themed packages of View-Master reels for the amazing images on the covers. They make great display pieces in and of themselves.

Designed for children ages 4 and up these stereo reels came in just about every subject you could imagine, from other favorite IPs to educational topics. The canister boasts over 300 other options available! The upside of giving your child one of these Gift Paks is that after they break the View-Master and lose all of the reels, they’ll still have a fun pail to store other things they haven’t lost yet!

I paid $45.00 CAN for this set but the ones I can find on selling sites are listing for just under $90.00 CAN. So it appears I got a good deal!

For a more complete history of the GAF View-Master, check out THIS LINK to the View-Master Wiki site. I’ll bet you never knew how much there was to know about this toy! It’s well worth the read.

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