Loma Plastics ‘Everyday’ Pluto Cookie Cutter

So who here doesn’t like cookies? Okay, look, if we’re not going to be honest, we just won’t be able to continue. Everyone loves cookies everyday! And that’s why the Loma Plastics company made this unique ‘Everyday’ Pluto cookie cutter… with a recipe.

Now it’s time to meet the pup who put plastic into cookies. What?

Loma Plastics Inc. may have been in business as early as the 1940s and perhaps went out of business sometime in the 1980s. But take that with a grain of salt, or a cookie. If those dates are accurate, then this Pluto cookie cutter would have been manufactured during that time. Some sources state that plastics really began to be used widely in household products mainly in the 1950s, so this may narrow the date for this item down a bit. My guess would be the 1970s for a more likely selling date.

These cookie cutters also came in sets, such as these ones in a vintage box attributed to Walt Disney Productions, making it pre-1987:

Note that the Pluto figure is identical to the singular figure I am featuring in this post, just looking in the opposite direction.

The back of the packaging has a very nice recipe for Everyday Cookie Dough cookies and Decorating Frosting if Mom wanted to get fancy. Yes, likely it would have been Mom who took on the role of baker back in the 80s, although it could have been Mr. Mom (Michael Keaton), as he came along in 1983.

We’re taking orders now. We ship only on our block. Serious inquiries only, please! No nibblers.

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