GAF View-Master Education Theatre Projector

The 1970s were a great time to be a kid! GAF had us all covered with View-Master products that we used to see our favorite characters and places around the world. With licensing from Disney and other famous IPs, there was no end to the variety of fun available!

You can see my GAF View-Master Gift Pak by clicking the link, but this: The GAF View-Master Disney Character Early Education Theatre is a step beyond the classic viewer you’re used to:

It looks like everyone is ready to learn. Mickey and Minnie have their books in hand and a blue bird is flying nearby to supply pencils all around. Boy, those Disney birds are helpful!

The tub is slightly irregular in shape now due to the fact that it is missing the lid. This set is also missing everything it came with except the Entertainer Projector. There should have been a set of twelve reels, four Activity Fun Booklets, and a handy permanent storage ‘pak’, whatever that was.

Before we get to the projector though, below is an image to show the difference in size between a normal View-Master viewer tub and the Education Theatre tub:

Now let’s unpack our projector for the big reveal:

Made entirely of plastic it is relatively small and certainly lightweight. This one is blue with lime green accents. It’s is a stripped down model projector. There is no on/of switch, no auto focus, and no adjustable legs for positioning the image on the wall. You plug it in and look. That’s it. Almost.

Having said that, there is a focus capability. If you look at the images below, you’ll see both the selector lever on the side of the projector (left image) and the lens that can be manually pulled out to focus (left and right images). I guess the less complicated it was the easier it would be for children to use.

I was delighted to find this little projector and to find that it worked perfectly! I have a vintage ‘catalogue’ of sorts for View-Master accessories, so I can always find a bulb if it burns out. Let’s have a look at the images from the Disneyland reel that I have to demonstrate what the images look like when projected onto a wall:

And there you have it! This would have been an amazing upgrade over a standard View-Master viewer that you had to aim at a light source. And of course, only one person could enjoy a picture reel at one time with those. But with this Entertainer Projector, the whole family could gather around and marvel over the stereo images of Snow White or Yosemite National Park, or whatever subject of reel you had purchased.

Still to come is my Talking GAF View-Master. I’m just a GAF collecting fool!

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