Places: ‘Aloha From Hawaii’ Promotional Booklet

Old promotional booklets are a wonderful way to see what a place in the world was like ‘back in the day’, as it were. Hawaii has always been an exotic location that many want to visit, me included, but likely will never reach. So this ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ promotional booklet just may be as close as we ever get to the chain of islands that make up the 50th State of the Union.

Let’s have a look:

Hawaii was admitted as a U.S. state on August 21, 1959. This booklet appears to have been distributed sometime in the late 1960s to promote tourism.

The booklet starts with an introduction page, an overview map featuring all of the islands, and a ‘Things to Do’ page spread. All of the individual islands get their own feature pages.

Apart from statistics and sales pitches, the booklet also delivers many stunning images from around the island chain:

A section called ‘The People’ details how the heritage of the Hawaiian people developed. A ‘Facts and Statistics’ page gives all of the pertinent details for the sticklers amoung us:

“Truly, only in Hawaii can one observe people of all the world living side by side in the utmost harmony, peace, and happiness.” This was the concluding paragraph of the booklet. I wonder how true that would be today? Or has rampant tourism turned the islands into a ‘be careful what you wish for’ nightmare?

Back Cover

I picked this up for $1.50 CAN at an antique shop. But by bundling it with another purchase, I basically got it for free.

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