Found Disney: Telemania Kermit Candlestick Telephone

Telemania was a company that specialized in producing novelty telephones. These would be modeled after popular IPs like the one depicted in this post: the Kermit Candlestick (talking) Telephone.

The ‘candlestick’ is a style of telephone that was common from the late 1890s to the 1940s. If you watched the Andy Griffith Show, you no doubt remember seeing Andy and Barney using one at the Courthouse. It can also be referred to as a desk stand, an upright, or simply as a stick phone. Candlestick telephones featured a mouth piece (or transmitter) mounted at the top of the stand, and a receiver (or ear phone) that was held by the user up to the ear during a call.

To my knowledge, real Candlestick Telephones did not have a frog attached to them:

“Hi Ho! I’m only $65.00!”

I saw this at a regional Antique Market but decided against purchasing it. I felt it was in less than perfect condition and had doubts as to whether it would work properly. But likely I could have gotten it for $50.00 CAN if I had bartered a bit. Mint versions with the box can command an asking price of well over $125.00 US on popular selling sites.

This is a push-button phone but reproduces the look of an older dial, or rotary, phone. The white strip where you could write your own phone number, in case you had a bad memory, is still blank on this model. Were people in the habit of phoning each other to ask them their phone numbers at some point in history?

Made in China but registered for sale in Canada, this battery-operated telephone is definitely a charming nod to the old telephones of the past, but with a Muppet twist!

Original Packaging

I can’t find any blog posts or YouTube videos listing or showing the phrases you would hear from Kermit the Frog when the phone rang. Pity. Maybe he sang ‘Over the Rainbow’?

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