Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee Mug w/Hipster Mickey

Sometimes you can just be so cool it hurts. Hipster Mickey is chillin’ big time on this Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee mug. Yeah. Whatev’s.

Mickey is taking a break from the thrill rides to have a hot caffeinated beverage somewhere on Main Street U.S.A.:

20-something Mickey has his headphones plugged into his smartphone. I wonder what’s on his playlist? Maybe some classic Disney Parade theme music!

Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee is a Disney Parks line of merchandise that offers the usual range of mugs, kitchen stuff, and such. And actual coffee, of course. You can check out the offerings from this brand over at the Disney Coffee Blog. I don’t usually collect product lines that are so obviously commercialized, but in this case, I made an exception. Sort of.

You see, my mother-in-law owns this mug, but I got her to bequeath it to me. So one day, it will be mine! Oh, the anticipation.

Now if you will excuse me, we hipsters have a strict schedule to keep when it comes to partaking of our Cup of Joe. The ‘Mud’, if you will. Go Juice. The Morning Jolt. I drink unleaded. And you?

FUN FACTS: C8H10N4O2. If you know what that code represents, you know way too much about coffee!

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