Funko POP! Mickey & Minnie on the Peoplemover

This has the makings of being yet another cash grab by Disney/Funko! But we’ll get to that a little later in the post. These Funko POP! Mickey and Minnie on the Peoplemover figurines are amazing. Will the endless variations to come be also? Time will tell.

For now, let’s enjoy having a look at what we’ve already got:

Both Mickey and Minnie are sporting casual attire instead of their traditional clothing.

Mickey has a red sweater vest and blue shorts and sunglasses, while Minnie has a cute pink dress, no polka dots, with a sun visor under her pink bow. And yes, there’s always time for a Nosey Nuggle on the Peoplemover!

The packaging carries the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary branding. I like how the Castle logo is rendered in a shiny foil finish. It flashes as you move the boxes.

Mickey and Minnie have one hand on the Peoplemover car and the other extended. From the front, it looks like they are trying to administer a Force Push from Star Wars! The merging of the two Universes is truly complete.

If you’re riding the Peoplemover and you see this view, you are in serious trouble!

So I mentioned how this line could become a cash grab for Disney/Funko. I say this because as of the posting of this article, you can also get Pluto and Stitch in a Peoplemover car. They all attach together to form a train. But there doesn’t seem to be a front or rear car. So you can keep adding car after car with character after character! And how many characters does Disney have? You see what I mean.

If Pluto and Stitch are in Wave One, so to speak, you just know that Donald and Goofy must be coming in a future Wave. Okay. I’ll buy those two, but no more! Well, probably one more, for the Peoplemover trains are always made up of five cars. Curse you, Disney!

FUN FACTS: The Peoplemover opened on July 1, 1975, in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World. It was based on the Peoplemover attraction at Disneyland in California but with one major difference: Instead of using rotating Goodyear tires for propulsion, it used Linear induction motors.

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