Pixar’s Cars 3 Race Track Play Table w/Diecast Display

It’s Race Day here at Disleelandia, folks! And we hope to have a clear day for competition. It’s expectation versus reality in a fight to the finish line with no quarter given but some liberties taken. In other words, we’ll be looking at the Cars 3 Race Track Play Table I expected to get versus the Cars 3 Race Track Play Table I really got. I learned that one person’s ‘complete’ can be another person’s ‘incomplete’!

And we’re off! Below is the image that appeared in the FB Marketplace ad I responded too:

This is what it’s supposed to look like

Obviously I asked if everything was there and just as obviously they said ‘Yes’. But the answer was actually ‘No’.

Below is what I actually got, albeit without some extra bits I did get but can’t use because of other missing pieces:

This is what the one I bought actually looks like

So I set up the table with the parts I could use. Now, it actually turned out to be a blessing that pieces were missing, because it left more room for my die cast collection of Cars characters. So no harm, no foul. I guess we won’t need the black flag with the orange circle after all!

I liked that there were two shelving compartments below the table. I was able to use these to display some oversized versions of the Cars characters:

All in all, I was thrilled to get this Play Table. I know how that sounds coming from a grown man. But it is what it is! I’ve been looking for years for an effective and space-saving way to display my entirely too large collection of Cars die cast characters. So when this unit popped up, it seemed a no-brainer, complete or not!

Without further ado, let me introduce my completed Cars die cast display:

This is how my complete display turned out

Awesome, I know. For a bit of fun, can you spot the two vehicles that are not from the Cars Universe? But be careful, there are some variations that might seem out of place, but actually do belong.


ColorMeaningExpected Rider Behavior
BlueGive way to faster ridersMove off the racing line and allow faster riders to pass
GreenRace start/all clearStart the race/keep racing
WhiteFinal lapRace only one more lap
CheckeredEnd of the raceRace is over
BlackProblem with rider’s equipment or behaviorPull off the racing line ASAP, and then exit the track safely
Black with orange circleInfractionPull in the pits to serve a penalty
Checkered and white rolled and crossedRace is halfway completeRace the next half of the race
RedRace is stoppedSignal, Slow down, Spread out
YellowSafety concernWatch out for an on track incident
White with red plusAmbulance/safety carEither the ambulance or safety car is rolling or parked on track

Racing Flag Colors with Meanings

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