Found Disney: Super Grover Incredible Power Multi

I acknowledge first off that this isn’t actually Disney, but only related. Like a First Cousin. Jim Henson didn’t sell the rights to the Sesame Street characters to Disney along with the Muppets. But being as I don’t have a series entitled ‘Found Sesame’, I had to work with what I had!

In any case, behold the wonderment of this jar of Sesame Street Incredible Power Multi Yummy Vegetarian Gummies in Orange, Raspberry, and Lemon, starring the incomparable Super Grover:

Up! Up! And down the hatch!

Technically, Grover is still a Muppet, so I’m going to hang onto that for final justification for my ‘Found Disney’ faux pas.

For more fun with Super Grover, check out the furry Super Hero in all shapes and sizes!

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