Photo Spot: Peek-a-Boo Monorail Orange

The Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World isn’t just unique because of its modular construction and design. It also just happens to have a Monorail transportation system linked to it. In fact, they run right through the middle of it!

Everyone photographs the iconic monorail from the side or as it runs past them on the concrete beam, or skyway. But here we see Monorail Orange playing peek-a-boo with guests:

If you go to the side of the Contemporary Resort that faces the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find a balcony. Go out on that balcony, look up, and you will see the view I’m sharing in this post.

If you climb the stairs that are found to the left of the balcony, you can also get perfect shots of the monorail… from above! It pays to explore your locations to get the perfect shot.

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