Happy Time Records Davy Crockett & Western Record

I can always spot a Disney tie-in a mile away, and although this Happy Time Records Davy Crockett LP isn’t an official Disney Records release, it does have one real Disney song on it. Albeit sung by session singers and not the original cast from the Davy Crockett television series.

Two songs on this LP record sing the praises of the Frontiersman while the others are just rehashes of standard western favorites, like Buffalo Gals and Home on the Range. Ever heard those?

The singing is well done and the second song about everyone’s favorite Trail Scout is one I hadn’t heard before. It has some insensitive lyrics towards Native Americans but I am including a short cut for the sake of posterity. I’m not including the entire song as it goes off the PC rails fairly quickly:

Davy Crockett Pioneer March – excerpt

One has to wonder just how much of the ‘history’ surrounding this real person is accurate and how much has been embellished with the retelling.

Happy Time Records was a children’s music label owned by Pickwick International. It was launched in the 1960s and was used to release children’s LPs, mainly recycled recordings. Eventually, licensing deals with Disney and other companies resulted in the release of storybook albums and recordings of more contemporary kid-friendly material.

All in all, I don’t think the content of this company’s releases were anything to sing about. If you want a really fun LP to share with the kids, check out Tubby the Tuba, narrated by Annette!

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