Found Disney: More Disney-themed Helium Balloons

Once more into the department store, my friends! And onward to the party with more Disney-themed helium balloons:

Not-so Hidden Mickey

Mickey gives a sideways glance at me as I take his picture just hanging around the rafters of my local department store.

It’s a gaggle of Princesses (or is a gathering of Princesses called a Coronation?) bobbing joyfully in those self-same rafters. It’s a party place for sure! But not a Prince in sight.

The Child – Grogu

But making an appearance from a galaxy far, far, away is The Child of renown: Grogu! What’s he doing on Earth? Only the Mandalorian knows for sure.

And again, I hope this post lifted your spirits! But if you need a little bit more height, check out the first post featuring Disney-themed helium balloons by clicking the link. For more fun with Grogu, check out this figurine or this set of playing cards.

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