Collectible Souvenir Candy Tins from Walt Disney World

We did many back-to-back Walt Disney World trips starting in 2006. As you can imagine, for me, it was as much about the merchandise as it was about the rides or attractions! So I quickly got hooked on these collectible souvenir candy tins.

I’m sure we’ve all started to feel the financial pinch of a Disney vacation and so something has to give. Likely it will be how much we spend on souvenirs. If this is true of you, I recommend these wonderful and inexpensive little tins. They come filled with yummy candy and after the eating is done… you have an empty tin to put things in that just happens to smell nice.

Can’t afford a $40.00 t-shirt with ‘Walt Disney World’ plastered across the chest? Then maybe this candy tin featuring Mickey (with lots of little Hidden Mickeys) and the iconic name plastered across the lid will do instead.

Pretty much every tin of candy has the same peppermint flavored mints. They may be in different shapes, but peppermint is the go-to flavor. However, second in line for the most popular flavor is: Cinnamon. But beware. They are hot!

I wish they had used Minnie on the red tin and Mickey on the blue. A missed opportunity to tie in more characters and offer more variety, I think.

Pun – a – Mints

Above is just a small sampling of the 15g size of candy tins. There is no end to the puns linked to the various characters. I think this line was one of the more inventive!

Finally, if you’re going to buy candy, it’s Go Big or Go Home! When 15g of candy just isn’t enough, then a jumbo 42g tin is for you:

These souvenir tins also make inexpensive gifts for family and friends, especially if you have a lot to buy for! In any case, if you buy a tin full of candy from Walt Disney World, there is one thing that you just have to do:


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