Disney Character Face-Shaped Wrist Watches

They are cheap. They are fun. They are badly made. They are Disney character face-shaped wrist watches!

I have an extensive wrist watch collection with some truly unique and expensive models. Being the completist collector I am, I also have an extensive wrist watch collection with some truly unique and cheap as dirt models. Like these:

It seems that the whole design esthetic was to have the face of the character be the face of the watch. And that just about completed the discussion around the design table!

In every case, there will be no numbers and no hour markers. Just a little hand and a big hand and maybe a seconds hand.

And you can see by how beat up these examples are, the finish was never meant to last!

All that being said, they are wonderful! Could there be a cuter way for your little one to wear their favorite Disney character? Probably not. But don’t expect these watches to help them tell time. No numbers = never being on time!

As a collector, I love finding a line of merchandise that has variations to hunt for. I know there are more of these face watches out there, and some day, they will be mine! He-Yuk!

It isn’t just wrist watches that tell time. For more fun with timepieces, check out our post by contributor Gaylin entitled Mickey Mouse Watches and Pocket Watch. I also have a Winnie the Pooh Finger Watch. Now you won’t see that every day!

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