Funko POP! Disney Princess Cinderella Figure

The Masters of Plastic strike again with this Funko POP! Disney Princess Cinderella figure. I don’t usually collect Princess merchandise as a rule, unless it features some unique element beyond just the gal standing there looking pretty. And this one delivers!

I say that because it has… two cute mice. Yup. It doesn’t take much to make me part with my money! But seriously, who could resist Gus and Jacque sitting quietly listening to a bedtime story?

The packaging for this figure is of no special design so it will be discarded leaving the figure to be displayed unboxed.

Story Time

The first thing I noticed about Cinderella with this figure is her eyes. The little darts at the sides are likely intended to indicate eyelashes, but don’t they look like the modern Egyptian eye makeup that young girls are using these days? Strange, as Cinderella’s story is based on a French fantasy.

As I said, the packaging is nothing special. But I do like the ongoing feature with every release that has the character peeking over the edge of the top of the box.

Cinderella is fixed to her base but her head can move from side to side. She has her mice friends to listen to her stories and a basket of yarn for darning.

Many of these figures have been manufactured in Vietnam but this particular one was made in China.

FUN FACTS: Cinderella is the oldest of the Disney Princesses, at least at the time of her debut. She was portrayed as being 19-years old. And her iconic shoe size? It was later revealed in one of the direct-to-video releases that it’s 4 1/2. No wonder every other maiden’s foot wouldn’t fit into that glass slipper. That’s small!

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