Disney’s Pin Trading Orange Bird Pins

I won’t bore you with a long drawn out explanation of who the Orange Bird is, but if you’re interested in a bit of his history, you can check out my earlier post here. But this post is more for the love of the little bird made of a particular fruit. Can you guess which one?

Disney has been reintroducing the Orange Bird to guests for some years now and he has taken over the hearts of one and all! I recently found this collection of Orange Bird pins on a local selling site and just couldn’t resist.

10-Pin Collection

Disney Pin Trading is the buying and trading of collectible pins featuring Disney characters, attractions, icons, events and other elements. The practice is a hobby officially supported and promoted by Disney. Unlike Vinylmations for example, this trading platform has stood the test of time. Each guest may only trade two pins with the same cast member in one day. But the list of rules doesn’t stop there! Thank goodness I never got too involved in the trading aspect of these pins, because I hate having to memorize rules to have fun.

One thing that has greatly lowered the fun of Pin Trading is the release of cheap package pins (which no one wants) that are purchased and then traded for more expensive pins at the Parks. So, many times I would find that Cast Members didn’t have anything worth trading. Yup, some found a loop hole that saved them money while ruining the experience for everyone else!

But I digress! Time to think Orange Thoughts (whatever they are) and meet the Orange Bird:

The Original Angry Bird

The pin above is probably the only time I’ve ever seen him depicted as angry (2018). Usually he is an ambassador of happiness and sunshine!

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival – 2020

I was happy to get this exclusive Festival pin as I don’t think many people got to actually attend the 2020 event due to the Pandemic.

The three pins above are unique and a bit weird. Why is Orange Bird wearing a flight suit (2008) while carrying a dole whip? The pin in the top right corner is likely a Tsum Tsum (2018) release. The pin in the bottom right corner is nice because he is wearing a set of Mickey Ears (2010)!

Pin Set: 1 Through 5 (See collective image above for order)

I didn’t realize when I bought these pins that five of them were part of a set, released in sequence. The back of each pin identifies them as a Hidden Mickey set and are numbered one through five. Look carefully, each one has a Hidden Mickey ‘birth mark’. I can’t make out a date as the official stamp is too small to read.

The Orange Bird has fluttered down and landed on many different types of merchandise. Do you like hats? Then check out this post entitled Disney-themed Baseball Caps for an ‘I Love Doll Whip’ Orange Bird version, amoung others.

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