Top 5 Ways on How to Become a Successful VLOGGER

So what does a struggling old-school Blogger know about becoming a successful new fangled Vlogger? Plenty! I follow many of the most popular channels of the Disney variety along with many other well liked and reviewed Vlogs and have noticed a few things about why they have attracted so many followers.

Most of the Vlogs I follow focus on Disney content, obviously. But I also follow two science vlogs, one history vlog, three travel vlogs, and two cruising vlogs, amoung others. And although they cover totally different themes, they have something in common: They all follow the Top 5 ways I’m sharing in this post.

So without further ado, let’s look at the Top 5 Ways on how to become a successful Vlogger:



So what are you passionate about? Disleelandia may seem to be a Disney-themed blog due to the amount I share from that IP, but in actual fact it covers a wider variety of subjects. Anything related to popular (or POP) culture is fair fodder for a post here! Likewise with Vlogs: Pick a theme and specialize in that, while providing variety within the genre.

Whatever you choose, be exclusive and thorough. Your audience needs to know what to expect when they click on your latest video. It’s okay to have a main theme but with complimentary side themes. But don’t stray too far off course! If you claim to be all about makeup tutorials and then post a video on dog training, it will likely confuse and annoy regular visitors to your channel.



Recognition is key to a successful Vlog. What is an intro or an outro? These are video montages (like title credits in a television sitcom), statements, or catchphrases, that appear in front of and/or at the end of every one of your videos. Here are a few examples of Vloggers who do the best introductions:

The Carpetbagger: “We are live at (mentions geographical area), more specifically, at (mentions exact location).” After this orientation statement, he says “Please, follow me!” This is usually followed by a 30-second animated title sequence.

Adam the Woo: “Join me. Shall you?” This follows a preamble that includes a brief overview of where he will be going in the video to follow.

The History Guy: After a brief introduction about the topic of the day, he opines: “It’s history… worth remembering!” This is genius because it tells the viewer why they are watching.

Paging Mr. Morrow: After a brief ramble about where he is and what he will be doing in the video, he smiles at the camera and says: “Anywho’s, let’s go do this!”

Now let’s look at some interesting outros, or conclusions to videos. Adam the Woo simply says “The Vlog… is over!” Others, like Jackie from Super Enthused, use a visual montage that reviews the content of her video along with her signature “Stay enthused!” ending tagline.

No matter how you choose to craft your signature intro line or outro montage, make it fun but brief, and it will be sure to be memorable!



How are you going to stand out? There are many ways, but perhaps Chris from Provost Park Pass is one of the best examples of doing so in multiple ways. First, he has a distinctive personal look. He is always wearing a dress shirt with a tie, but he pairs them with blue jeans and running shoes. And his shirt is usually untucked. Oh, Chris! Also, he tells incredibly bad puns. Everywhere. All of the time!

Justin Scarred (more on him with Number Two) is also easily identified by the wearing of his signature ‘R’ baseball cap and black and white striped t-shirt. He also tells jokes but adds impressions to his repertoire.

In a field that is cluttered with anyone and everyone with a camera, it doesn’t hurt to stand out from the crowd, even by being a little bit weird!



It isn’t enough to just produce great content if you want to make a living as a Vlogger. That said, some long-timers have started to do do, abandoning the merchandise element of the business. But for the most part, and for most of todays Vloggers, a little extra income never hurts!

If companies like McDonald’s sees the value of having even their trash blowing around on the streets providing advertising, having a viewer walking around with your brand plastered all over them can only help with the clicks and views.

Perhaps the most prolific amoung the Vloggers for branding through merchandise is Justin Scarred from Randomland. From plush to stickers, hats to pins, this guy knows how to outfit his Mob! And he does custom art pieces too. Way to branch out there, buddy!

Just don’t tell Julio, or he’ll want a cut!



The best way to stand out from the ever-growing crowd and attract a following is to play off your personality. Viewers will either connect with you or they won’t, so this is the one Way that is impossible to contrive. If the advice ‘be yourself’ ever applied, it’s to Vlogging!

And that’s why this Way to become a Vlogger captures the Number One spot. A natural, amiable, fun personality will attract viewers who are looking to live vicariously through other like-minded people.


So that’s the Top 5 Ways to become a successful Vlogger. But how can you become a happy Vlogger, and sustain your output over many years? Many have experienced burn out because of trying to build their channel two fast. It’s best to let it grow naturally and over time. So don’t quit your day job just yet!

And don’t get to caught up in the numbers, clicks, views, and all of the other qualifiers we use to measure Internet success. Most people will view and move on, so these statistics rarely provide a true picture of how your Vlog is doing. Not getting any comments? Again, this is normal. Most viewers follow multiple channels and split their precious time between them. So not everyone will take the few minutes necessary to engage with you. But it doesn’t mean they don’t like you!

To put it in a nutshell, the most successful Bloggers and Vloggers do what they do because they love it and it brings them great pleasure to share. If there is a response, that’s the icing on the cake! Can you have your cake and eat it too? No. But you can bake a cake and know that others will enjoy it, whether they say ‘Thank you!’ with a like or a comment, or not.

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