Pixar’s Toy Story 4 Candy-filled Plastic Egg

I’ll admit that I’m not a sequel lover. I believe Disney has dragged Pixar down into what I affectionally call ‘Sequel Hell’. Whereas Walt Disney said that ‘you can’t top pigs with pigs’, modern Disney the Corporation said ‘of course a fourth Toy Story movie is a good idea!’ In my opinion, it wasn’t.

But this Toy Story 4 candy-filled plastic egg, although not the most original idea (Kinder Surprise, anyone?), at least is filled with some yummy candy. And your little one will have a plastic keepsake to store their stuff in after the filling is gone.

Let’s have a look:


Bo Peep gets another chance to shine both in the movie and on this packaging. But once you open the plastic egg, she disappears. Kind of like Toy Story 3.


The plastic egg pops open easily and clips back together with very little pressure. Your little one could handle it on their own with no problems. It’s filled with many packets of two different kinds of candy.


Bunny and Ducky are the featured characters on the jelly bean packets. Frankford Candy provides the tiny multi-coloured sugar bombs, er… I mean, the jelly beans.


Frankford also provides the Tangy Candy. Woody and Buzz Lightyear were chosen to represent this rather chalk-like substance… er, candy. But again I wonder: Why not Bo Peep? Toy Story 4 was supposed to be about her journey from Andy’s sister’s room to where she was found by the rest of the toys. But she is not prominently featured inside the product at all. I think she needs a better agent!

To Creepy, and Beyond!

The plastic egg is 5 1/2″ high and 4 1/2 ” thick. It can be stood up vertically or horizontally due to a flat spot at the bottom (under the characters feet) and at the back.

But I have to ask: What’s with Buzz and Woody’s eyes? And where’s Buzz’s helmet? So many questions, so few answers.

For more fun with jelly beans, check out these earlier posts featuring Jelly Belly bags of candy with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the front and this one with Dory. Yummy yummy!

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