Mattel’s Mickey Mouse Barbie Doll w/Accessories

I was surprised to see this Mickey Mouse Barbie doll by Mattel on a local selling site recently. The price was only $25.00 CAN so I didn’t haggle. The seller was hoping it would go to a Disney Collector so that it would stay in the box and be preserved. I assured her that this is the way I treat all of my female action figures (or FAFs). They’re not dolls.

For more on that distinction, the post entitled Disney-themed Barbie Doll ‘Action Figures’ will educate you on the true nature of this plastic mold shaped like a little woman. Again. Not a doll.

This version of a Disney Barbie was released in 2004. It comes with the obligatory Disney-themed accessories. In this case though, instead of Mickey-shaped balloons or Theme Park shopping bags, she has fashion accessories and clothing that we might buy from a local Walmart.

Back and Side of Packaging

The blurb on the back of the box tells us a bit about Mickey himself before it gives a very brief mention to Barbie and her wardrobe. Apparently she is wearing a ‘kicky’, vintage t-shirt. Is that a thing? She also carries a retro Disney-style handbag.

And for you, there is a Mickey Mouse head keychain with fluffy fringe. Yes, it’s for you!

Top and Bottom of Packaging

I love the vintage collage that wraps around the packaging! The bottom of the box tells us that Barbie herself was made in Indonesia by Mattel. That’s why it’s swell, don’t ya know.

The next images will give you a close-up look at Barbie’s fashion choices:


Did you notice that the hat matches the skirt?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your look at another of my FAFs. Not a doll. Female Action Figure.

Not. A. Doll. I’m glad we were able to clear that up.

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