The Orange Bird Long-Play Record w/Anita Bryant

Much could be shared about The Orange Bird, but rather than rehash the main points, please see my earlier post entitled Walt Disney’s Orange Bird Pin on Card, it will bring you up to speed.

This post focuses on the Orange Bird long-play record with Anita Bryant. Although it is the size of a 45 single, it plays at the 33 1/3 RPM speed. This allows it to play four complete songs, two per side.

The cover features a scene from the lyrics to the second song on Side 1 entitled Sing All Day. All of the songs were written by Richard and Robert Sherman, the famous songwriting duo with the long history of producing some of the most memorable music for many of Disney’s projects.

Disneyland Records released this EP, as we’ll call it, in 1972. Below is an excerpt from the title track called The Orange Bird Song:

The Orange Bird SongAnita Bryant

I bought this item for the cover art and to add it to my growing Orange Bird collection. Unfortunately, the record itself is badly scratched, as I’m sure you could clearly hear!

Anita Bryant is a hot topic. She was the Spokesperson for the Florida Citrus Commission for many years which lead to her involvement with Disney and the Little Orange Bird. At the time, she was involved with many other promotions such as Coca-Cola and even toured with Bob Hope’s USO group in 1965. But her political views ended all of that and turned the world against her!

Be that as it may, she is the singer on this record and so here is another song about the life and times of the Little Orange Bird:

I’ll Fly the Sky-WayAnita Bryant

The songs aren’t as good as other work done by the Sherman Brothers, but they are fun and light. It’s obvious they were meant to promote a product and not to stand the test of time.

Back of Cover Sleeve

The back cover is a pretty generic gathering of the Disney characters except for the inclusion of the Orange Bird. It is likely that this was a collage put together from stock images of each character in an iconic pose with the Orange Bird placed in. It’s his record, after all!

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