Aladdin Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set

And we’re back with another item from the wonderful minds of Disney marketing that you just didn’t know you needed until you knew you needed it: the Aladdin Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set (2004).

I’ve shared my Lion King set in an earlier post. But now it’s time to take a magic carpet ride to find a diamond that is definitely not in the rough:

Box Cover Sleeve

These sets sold for approximately twice the price of the Platinum Edition 2-disc DVDs. When you think about it, that’s a pretty good deal when you get, what? A box cover. Check. And what else did you get? The Platinum Edition 2-disc set you already paid extra money for? Check. A 160-page book? Check. A pack of lithographs featuring actual reproductions of pencil drawings of Aladdin characters? Check. And the deal clincher: The copyrighted wonder that is The Senitype? Double check.

Oh, just look at all of that paper! There’s a bit of circular plastic too.

Contents of Platinum Edition DVD

Even if you just stayed with your already overplayed Platinum Edition DVD, you would be in sandy heaven! The extras on this series of releases was second to none.

The book is divided into a behind-the-scenes look at the movie with a follow up of the story presented in storybook form.

You know what’s better than a book? Pictures!

And now it’s time to view the greatest thing since the Back Side of Water, except in the desert, where there is no water: I give you… The Senitype.

It’s definitely a brave new world when you can own your very own reproduction of a cell from the movie that’s not actually a cell from the movie but is basically a copy of a scene from the movie without really being lifted directly from it. Well, do your friends have one? I didn’t think so. So, it’s awesome!

There’s just one more of these boxy wonders in my collection, the Cinderella Set. Check it out!

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