Photo Spot: The Shadow of Godzilla Just a’Chilla

You just never know what, or whom, is lurking around your humble abode! I was in my kitchen looking for a snack when I found something quite terrifying instead:

“What shall I stomp on today?”

It’s a good thing I hadn’t started to drink my beloved Coke Zero yet, as I would have spit it out all over myself! Godzilla must have been stomping around just outside my kitchen window, and I didn’t even hear him!

Well, when I got my wits about me and changed my shorts, I realized it was just a case of mistaken shadow identity. In truth, it was none other than:

The funs over when the sun goes down!

Yes, it was only José Carioca from The Three Caballeros. Whew! At most, he would only hit me over the head with his umbrella.

Has your imagination ever run wild with you?

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