Mickey Unlimited Winnie the Pooh Necklace Watch

If there’s an unusual watch out there, I’ll find it! I have a Winnie the Pooh Finger Watch, after all. But this post features it’s cousin, the Mickey Unlimited Winnie the Pooh Necklace Watch.

Before we get into the watch itself, let’s have a look as it’s worn:

“Oh, bother!”

Pooh is face deep in a honey pot as a swarm of bees fly around and around him (indicating the passing of the seconds). There is a minute and an hour hand but no numbers 5, 6, or 7. Apparently, Pooh has sat on them!

I have the original box base but have lost the lid. But I do still have the instructional booklet that came with it:

The Mickey Unlimited line offers much more than watches and jewellery. It is a rather vast line of fashion items and accessories.

Made by Verichron with Quartz and Japan Movement. The only company with the name of Verichron that I could find was one that was the trade name for home and decorative weather instruments marketed by the Harris & Mallow Clock Company. They had a factory in Howell, New Jersey and were in business around the 1960s-1980s. Did they make watches after that time? Maybe.

Do you need to tell time when you’re a silly old bear? Give that a thunk, won’t you?

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