Vintage Disney Circus Square Glass Ceiling Light Shade

Always look up. That has always been good advice as you never know what might be coming down! But for the Disney collector, sometimes we look up to find yet another treasure, like this vintage Disney Circus square glass ceiling light shade.

It has some interesting graphics but with a bit of a thematic problem. Let’s have a look:

Minnie Mouse: She has multi-coloured bubbles and a big blue star in a thought bubble floating near her. She seems to be looking at the word ‘Circus’. The thematic problem is that there isn’t really a lot of circus stuff going on with this light shade!

Mickey Mouse: Now we see a smaller red star floating over his head (?) and he is hiding a party hat and blue balloon behind his back while looking at the word ‘Circus’. I’m not sure these mice know just what a Circus is!

Donald Duck: Our fowl protagonist gets an antique camera. Again, I’m not getting the ‘Circus’ tie-in. He appears to be taking a picture of Pluto, who…

Pluto: Finally has something that could be related to a ‘Circus’. A big batch of helium Balloons!

If you’re going to sell a light shade that purports to have a Circus theme, why not have the characters dressed as clowns, or doing traditional circus-type things, like tight rope walking? Or here’s an idea: Have Dumbo on the thing. His whole movie was literally about a Circus!

The copyright is Walt Disney Productions so this shade was sold before 1987.

FUN FACTS: Philip Astley is credited as the father of the modern circus. In 1768, Astley, a skilled equestrian, began performing exhibitions of trick horse riding in an open field. In 1770, he hired acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and a clown to fill in the pauses between the equestrian demonstrations. And the rest… is history!

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