Disney Hidden Mickey Ring Light w/Phone Holder

You’re so vain! You probably think this post is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?” I think that’s how the song lyric went. Probably close enough! But for sure there are many many people who think that the whole world is enamored with their lives. Influencers are notorious for using every trick in the digital book to look better, brighter, more beautiful than the competition.

And how might they achieve this, you ask? Why, by using a Disney Hidden Mickey ring light with built-in phone holder:

“Alright, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my close up.”

I admit I do create content for YouTube occasionally. However, what I produce will never influence anyone! I haven’t used one of these ring lights yet, but I do own a larger version. Will it make me look better? No. But I have to at least try, right?

One day while shopping at my local grocery store, I saw this on the shelf:

Apparently, not a big seller

I had just bought the bigger, generic, version, so definitely didn’t need it. But it was on sale and in the shape of my favorite mouse, so…

Once I got it home, I broke it out of the box:


Compact and made to sit on a desk or table. This would be great for someone who wanted to sit during their presentation.

The instructions are included but sparse. Although really, just how much instruction does one need on how to operate what is basically… a lamp.

All Set Up

I’m not sure that I will get much use out of this for it’s intended purpose. But it will sit in my office as a thematic decoration.

Like most of these products, the light has variable intensity settings and three different colours, as seen below:

My larger generic version came with a remote control that will link to your Smartphone, which sits in the holder at the center of Mickey’s ‘head’, through Bluetooth. This makes it possible to operate the camera and video functions from a distance. I can use it with this smaller ring light as well, as it doesn’t link to the light itself.

Back of Box

This is a wonderful little gadget perfect for the Disney content provider, whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platform.

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