Cinderella Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set

At last it’s time for a last looky-loo at one of Disney’s most successful schemes to get our money: The Cinderella Special Edition Collector’s Gift Set (2005). Yes, it’s everything you had done without for so long but couldn’t be without for a moment longer!

If you haven’t already checked out the Aladdin edition of these sets, give it a look. And then get ready to do a deep dive into the world of Cinderella:

Box Cover Sleeve

I believe all of these sets came with a paper band designed to be used to keep all of the separate items in the box after you removed the plastic wrap.

Yes, folks, you get all that you see! A box to keep it all in? Check. The obligatory Platinum Edition DVD you already have? Check. A hardcover book? Check. And a set of exclusive lithographs with pretty pictures on them? Double check.

Contents of Platinum Edition DVD

I’ve said it before but I will say it again: These Platinum Edition DVDs were, are, and will forever be worth it! In a time where Disney is releasing Blu-ray special editions with less extras than the old regular DVDs used to have, these ultra-stuffed 2-disc sets still provide astounding value!

This 160-page hardcover book has many fun facts, behind the scenes exposés, and a second section with a picture-book version of the movie. For me, any movie released with a companion book earns a space on my movie shelf!

And now, please brace yourself, as grown men have been known to gape and many a woman has swooned at the sheer magnificence of the lithographic print reproductions of original portrait drawings featuring all of the favorite characters from Cinderella! Are you ready to brave them? Then scroll on:

Still with us? Well, if those beautiful images didn’t send you into a fit of joy, then prepare to behold Disney’s ace in the hole. Disney’s last ditch effort to get more people to buy these sets. I give you: The Senitype (that’s copyrighted, you know!):

Well bippity and bop my boo, that is amazing! I’ll buy two sets!

I hope you are as blown away by the amount of effort that went into creating these sets as I am. I wish Disney was still focusing on this division of its retail arm as it did some 20 years ago! I fear we will never see such effort lavished on a simple DVD, or Blu-ray, release again, what with the digital download taking over the segment.

From what I can find with the research I’ve done, it appears that Disney only did three of these Collector’s DVD Gift Sets. That would imply that sales weren’t exactly stellar. Maybe other Disney fans had more sense than me and just made do with their Platinum Editions!

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